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How to use a winch to recover a vehicle

How to use a winch to recover a vehicle

                        Driving your vehicle off-road can be thrilling, but occasionally you risk getting trapped on some rocks or in a mud puddle. Fortunately, pulling yourself out of a rock shouldn't be a problem if your car is equipped with a winch. You must choose a reliable anchor to which you can attach your winch in order to utilize it effectively. You may carefully pull your vehicle out of whatever it is trapped in once your winch is set up.

Rigging of a Winch

  • Digit One on JoyPixels 7.0 Connect the remote control to the winch. A long corded remote control that was hooked to your winch should have been included. Find the plug on the cord's end, then plug it into the proper receptacle outside the winch. Place the remote control inside your car after running the remote-control line from the winch to the driver's seat. 


  • Digit Two on JoyPixels  Wear some thick gloves. Never work with a winch cable without wearing gloves. Your hands could be cut by the cable.


  • Digit Three on JoyPixels  To secure your winch, find something to anchor it to in front of your vehicle. The ideal vehicle is a big tree trunk, a boulder, or something else. Avoid anchoring your winch to something weak and small since you run the risk of damaging it. Look for an anchor that is directly in front of your car.


  • Digit Four on JoyPixels  To release the winch cable, use the disengage lever. The disengagement lever needs to be outside the winch. Turn the lever to the position that indicates "free spool" or "disengaged" on the lever. By doing so, you can free the cable from the winch and manually remove it.


  • Digit Five on JoyPixels  All the way to the anchor, pull the winch cable. Avoid removing too much cable to avoid adding extra slack. Place the cable's end next to the anchor.

  • Find another anchor that is closer to your vehicle if the winch cable can't get to this one.


  • Digit Six on JoyPixels  The bottom of the anchor should be covered with a tree trunk guard. A thick nylon strap with two loops—one on each end—serves as a tree trunk protection. The two end loops of the protector should be facing you as you wrap it around the anchor. In your palm, hold the two end loops.

NOTE: If your winch didn't come with a tree trunk protector you can order VRS recovery kit as this contains, gloves,Tree Trunk Protector – Winchworld 

   Tree Trunk Protector – Winchworld 


VRS Full Recovery Kit – Winchworld

  • Digit Seven on JoyPixels  To secure the protector, thread a D-shackle through its two loops. A big pin that slides in and out of a curved shackle is called a D-shackle. Put the curved portion of the D-shackle through both of the loops on the tree trunk protection after removing the pin from the D-shackle. Re-insert the pin and tighten it into position by twisting it once the loops are on the shackle.


  • Digit Eight on JoyPixels  The winch hook should be attached to the D-shackle with the tip facing up. The hook at the end of the winch cable is known as the winch hook.


  • Digit Nine on JoyPixels  The point of the winch hook should be facing up as it is attached to the D-shackle. The winch hook is the hook on the end of the winch rope.

Pulling Your Vehicle Out

  • Digit One on JoyPixels 7.0 Ensure that everyone has left the area. It's crucial that nobody is standing in front of or behind your car. The winch cable shouldn't have someone standing close by. Always check twice before using the winch to pull. If someone is in the water, they could suffer significant injuries. 


  • Digit Two on JoyPixels  Take control of your car by sitting in the driver's seat. Take the remote for the winch from the front seat and hold it there. While operating the winch, stay inside the car at all times.

  • Digit Three on JoyPixels  Using the remote control, slowly winch the vehicle. Do not attempt to swiftly pull your car out. You should move slowly and steadily. Your automobile will begin to be pulled out after you press the button on the remote control. Your car should start to move forward as it is pushed free of whatever it was trapped in. You can avoid moving too fast by releasing the button after a few seconds and then starting the winching again.


  • Digit Four on JoyPixels  Gently depress the gas pedal while you pull your car out with the winch to aid with forward motion.


  • Digit Five on JoyPixels  Once your vehicle is on a stable surface, stop winching. When your vehicle is flat and you can move it forward without the aid of the winch, you'll know you're on stable ground. To test whether you can move ahead while keeping your finger off the winch remote control button, lightly depress the gas pedal.

      Unrigging the Winch

      • Digit One on JoyPixels 7.0 The D-shackle must be released from the winch cable. For the time being, leave the D-shackle attached to the tree trunk protector. After you take care of the winch cable, you'll return and grab those.


      • Digit Two on JoyPixels  It is necessary to detach the D-shackle from the winch cable. Keep the D-shackle attached to the tree trunk protector for the time being. You'll go back and get those after handling the winch wire.


      • Digit Three on JoyPixels  The remote control for the winch should be unplugged. Wrap the remote control's cable in a bundle. In your car, keep the remote control in a dry spot.


      • Digit Four on JoyPixels  Remove the tree trunk guard and D-shackle from the anchor. Slide the D-shackle off the loops on the protector after removing the pin from it. To prevent losing the D-shackle pin, reinstall it. Keep the tree trunk protector and D-shackle in your car.



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